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Wyena Horse & Pony Club,
64-76 Croydon Road,
Warrandyte South, Victoria

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ABN: 82 559 515 270                                                   INCORPORATED IN VICTORIA:  A0008221F
EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM                                                                                         21 September, 2014
To explain the Committee’s intentions and thinking in proposing special
resolutions to change the club’s membership structure.
With a week remaining before the special general meeting, I thought it worth explaining a few points regarding both the process of the meeting and the committee’s considerations in putting forward the proposed changes.
Firstly, the process of the meeting:
  • The President, or in her absence, the Vice-President, shall preside as Chairperson at the meeting.
  • 10 Members need to be personally present (being Members entitled to vote as defined in 4.) to constitute a quorum to allow the meeting to proceed.
  • If the 10 members are not present within half an hour after the commencement time, the Chair shall adjourn the meeting.
  • At the General Meeting, Associate Riding Members, Adult Supporter Members and Life Members shall have one vote.
  • All votes shall be given personally or by proxy.
  • Where Votes are equal on any given motion, the Chairperson of the meeting is entitled to exercise a second or casting vote.
Members, even if you are not planning to attend the Rally Day this Sunday, could you please make an effort to attend the meeting so we can be sure to have good representation.
If you are not able to make the meeting, please be sure to complete the Proxy form attached to the meeting notice and either mail it to PO Box 133, Warrandyte VIC 3113 so that it arrives prior to Friday, or, hand it to one of the executive, Jayne, Sam, Tim or myself.
Now to the motions to be considered:
  1. Special Resolution 2014/01
In February 2014, after a probationary period of two years, State Council of PCAV approved Adult Riders as a permanent Membership Category of Pony Club.  In order for a Club to admit Adults to their club, members must first must approve the changes at a general meeting and then apply in writing on the appropriate form to PCAV requesting this change be made to their membership.  Adults have a separate membership form to complete and sign for their club membership; detailing the special considerations governing this membership category.  Clubs can determine themselves how the category will function in their club.  Under current PCAV Rules Adults cannot compete at Zone or State events, nor be formally graded.
After a great deal of consideration and consultation with various members past and present, the committee formulated two Adult Member categories, Adult Riding Member and Social Riding Member.
These two membership types are designed to allow a broader group of riders to be involved in our club.  The proposed membership levels seek to allow for those Adult Members who are interested in participating in Club events, rallies and Open competitions, and also a more casual rider who seeks to use the clubs grounds and facilities.
Both membership types are expected to be full participating members of our club.
  1. Special Resolution 2014/02
This motion has two primary purposes.  Most significantly, the Committee is responding to, what can be best described as, consistent anecdotal feedback suggesting the Duty Bond was causing people considering Pony Clubs in our area to decide against Wyena.
We also considered that the administrative process around record keeping for working bee attendance and Rally duties to be cumbersome and believe there are better ways of seeking the assistance of Members in the day-to-day running and maintenance of our Club’s activities and assets.
The second part of the motion seeks to have members agree to allocate the Duty Bond funds held by the Club to the improvement of Husseys Lane Cross Country grounds.  The committee is currently in the process of documenting a master plan covering upgrades and maintenance projects for Croydon Road and Husseys Lane grounds and also to the Club house.  We hope to have this distributed to members by presentation night this year.
More pressing though are design changes to the cross country course. Over a number of months the committee has worked with Chris Height and others to finalise course design options for our Cross Country grounds and those are in the final stages being committee consideration.  The objective behind those changes is to bring the course up to a higher standard with jumps meeting new design rules currently before PCAV and to allow for better facilities layout at our annual Trials events.
We would like to have this work undertaken in the immediate term to ensure the grounds are finished and in good order for our Jumps Trials event in March 2015.
  1. Special Resolution 2014/03
This third and final motion seeks to formalise membership fees for 2015. 
Changes proposed include small increases to existing Associate and Junior Rider memberships and a change to Adult Supporter Fees to a family basis.  We saw this change as a great way to recognise the broader involvement of family members, not just parents, but possibly Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles etc who want to be closely involved with the Rider and wants to be an active member of our Club. Also included are proposed fee structures for proposed the Adult memberships being considered at this meeting.
Please be aware that all of these proposed fees do not include PCAV Membership or rider insurance fees.  In order for any membership to be accepted by the club, Associate, Junior or new Adult or Social rider membership types, the member must be able to provide current PCAV or HRCAV membership and Insurance.
David Knipe


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