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Wyena Horse & Pony Club

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Wyena Horse & Pony Club,
64-76 Croydon Road,
Warrandyte South, Victoria

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To be held at Wyena Horse & Pony Club Cross-country Grounds, 86-96 Husseys Lane, Warrandyte, Sunday 1 February, 2015 at 1:00 PM.
The Club’s Annual General Meeting will be held at our first Rally on Sunday 1 February, 2015. In preparation for that meeting I enclose all the necessary documents and information for your consideration.
In particular could I please bring your attention to the Committee Nomination form.  Under our Club’s Rules the committee must contain a total of nine members, i.e. the four officers, President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and at least 5 other members, each of whom shall be elected at the annual general meeting of the Pony Club in each year.  A majority of the members of the Committee shall be Supporting Members or Life Members.
It is very important that, and I actively encourage, members to take an active role on the committee to ensure the club continues to grow its’ membership, maintain its’ facilities, fulfill its’ statement of purposes and continues to deliver those services important to members.
Committee membership does not require a large amount of additional effort.  Meetings occur monthly and take approximately two hours. That aside, most other duties take place either on Rally days or during working bees.  Having just completed my first year on committee I can highly recommend it.  It was fun, interesting, the outcomes we achieved gave me a good sense of achievement and I felt it improved my ability to help Mackenzie get the most out of her sport.  
Most important in my mind is that if we have a broader representation of members on board, we would be better able to service our riders.  Please consider yourself invited.  smiley
In particular it would be nice to someone to focus on one of the following tasks:  
•    Grounds Coordinator
•    Canteen Coordinator
•    Teams Coordinator
•    Games Coordinator
Please find enclosed:
1.    Committee Nomination form for 2015
2.    Proxy Voting Form
3.    Minutes of Annual General Meeting, 13 April, 2014
4.    Minutes of Special General Meeting, 28 September, 2014
5.    President’s Report for 2014
6.    Treasurer’s Report for 2014
7.    District Commissioner’s Report for 2014
8.    Financial Statements as at 31 December, 2014
9.    Proposed Annual Statement to be lodged with Consumer Affairs Victoria.
Members Eligible to Vote under the Club’s Rules:
16.    i)    Upon any question arising at a general meeting of the Pony Club, each Associate Riding Member, Associate Non-Riding Member, Supporting Member and Life Member shall have one vote.
        ii)    All votes shall be given personally or by proxy. 
        iii)    In the case of an equality of voting on a question, the Chairman of the meeting is entitled to exercise a second or casting vote.
18.    A Member is not entitled to vote at any general meeting unless all moneys due and payable by him to the Pony Club have been paid, other than the amount of the annual subscription payable in respect of the current financial year.
19.    i)    Each Member shall be entitled to appoint another Member as his proxy by notice given to the Secretary no later than 24 hours before the time of the meeting in respect of which the proxy is appointed.
Use PayPal on the Wyena Store         ii)    The notice appointing the proxy shall be in the form set out which is enclosed with this Notice of Meeting.
PLEASE NOTE:  In order for any Member, with the exception of Life Members, to be eligible to attend and vote, you must have paid your 2015 membership.  To pay now, visit the Wyena Online Membership Store.
Notice of Meeting
Committee Nomination Form
Proxy Form
2014 Financial Statements
2015 Wyena Annual General Meeting
2015 Wyena Annual General Meeting
2015 Wyena Annual General Meeting
2015 Wyena Annual General Meeting
President's Report
Treasurer's Report
District Commissioner's Report
Entire Meeting Pack
2015 Wyena Annual General Meeting
2015 Wyena Annual General Meeting
2015 Wyena Annual General Meeting
2015 Wyena Annual General Meeting
Minutes of 2014 Special General Meeting
Minutes of 2014 Annual General Meeting
2015 Wyena Annual General Meeting
2015 Wyena Annual General Meeting



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